Why, God?


Have you heard the news?

Do you watch it on TV, or check it on your laptop or smart phone? How do you react to the barrage of terrible happenings? Riots in Baltimore, earthquakes in Nepal and other places, volcanoes erupting, atrocities committed by extremists.

What are we supposed to do with so much horror?

And then we open Facebook or email and discover another loved one has been diagnosed with cancer. Or someone we prayed for got worse instead of better. A marriage collapses. Children are abducted.

I don’t know how you handle it, but I tend to crumble. My faith in the goodness and justice of God falters. I don’t like to admit it, but it’s true.

The more people I connect with, the more bad news I hear. And my prayers become a silent scream. “Why, God? Why?”

Several years ago, I scribbled this poem through tears when we found out that my seven-year-old niece’s brain tumor had returned. I learned something through the writing; it seemed that God himself spoke to my heart through this poem. And this week I needed the reminder.

If you are struggling to endure yet another blow, perhaps these thoughts will touch your heart, too.


Pain constricts my heart, its pressure bows my back.

Grief and anger fog my mind, my arms hang limp and slack.

Life takes too much effort.

In sorrow I cry out, “God, oh God, why don’t You care?”

as faith succumbs to doubt.

 In anger I assault Him with all my grief and fears.

My flailing fingers touch His face—and feel His loving tears.

 Our faithful heavenly Father is never far away.

When trials make us feel alone, He longs to hear us pray.

For prayer is our connection, a channel for His grace.

He touches us with love and peace whene’er we touch His face.

 The struggles will continue; they’ll pummel, press and prod.

But His grace becomes sufficient when I touch the face of God.

There are so many things I don’t and cannot understand this side of eternity. But until then, my lifeline is this:

You are good (oh Lord), and what you do is good. (Psalm 119:68)

When the “whys” overwhelm, I need to refocus on the “who”: God Most High, who is good, faithful and true.

“Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” Amen.


About kathleenefriesen

I’ve always loved music, even before the writing bug hit. Grace notes are little extras, not the actual melody. Just something that adds to the feel of the music. My desire for this blog is to encourage and bless readers, to share a little grace.
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