How Can I Know God? (Part 2 – Relationship)


His (Jesus Christ’s) divine power has given us everything we need for life (vitality) and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. (2 Peter 1:3)

As I meditated on this verse, I couldn’t help wonder: If the vitality and godliness Jesus has given us comes via our knowledge of him, how, exactly do we acquire this necessary knowledge?

To be honest, at first I patted myself on the back (figuratively, of course). I’ve been a Christian most of my life, I read the Bible and pray every day…most days…well, I try. But I must know God pretty well by now. I do ask Him a lot of stuff. Sometimes I even listen. Isn’t that enough?

Back I went to Strong’s Concordance for affirmation of my assumptions. And guess what? Another word for the Greek rendered “knowledge” is relationship. Whoa! That puts a different spin on it, doesn’t it?

Jesus Christ doesn’t want us to be content with head knowledge. He desires a relationship with us. Friendship. Love. Intimate knowledge. (If that bothers you, consider the fact that the church is called the bride of Christ.)

When I examine how I interact with the One I call Lord and Savior, I cringe. Instead of eagerness to spend time with him, I often race through my devotions with one eye on my to-do list and the other on my watch. And I wonder, how would I feel if my friends treated me like that? What about my husband?

So this year, my word to consider and absorb is Relationship, particularly my relationship with Jesus Christ. I want to know him, to be his friend, his BFF, so to speak.

How? By talking less and listening more. By asking for fresh insight as I read his word. And mostly by spending time with him – without the bratty impatience and self-absorption that has been my habit.

By the grace of God, this year I will dive deeper into a relationship with him.


About kathleenefriesen

I’ve always loved music, even before the writing bug hit. Grace notes are little extras, not the actual melody. Just something that adds to the feel of the music. My desire for this blog is to encourage and bless readers, to share a little grace.
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